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Once a part of a pioneering team of communications experts and a former principal of Thinktel, James Cunningham founded Zetta Telecom Inc. in 2020. Since it’s creation Zetta telecom has gained two principal partners, Sayeed and Alex.

Together as a group we have created a strong team of experts that will lead the communication industry for years to come with matching ideals of striving to offer our clients complete and comprehensive telecommunication solutions that are based on the principles of customer service, professionalism, tested leaded edge technology and value-added services.

At Zetta telecom we aim for service that is:
  • Professional
  • Adaptive
  • Knowledgeable
  • Creative
Strive to provide complete VoIP 2.0 Telecommunication Services.

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

It is a proven technology that provides reliable and relatively inexpensive phone system choice for all business types, from a band new “start up” to the respectable “established since” – VoIP can have you covered.

VoIP isn't all that new. Created in the late 90’s it was designed to look to the future and to replace analog systems. Basic lines were replaced with “SIP” Trunks, a protocol that sends voice data packets over the internet and connect to Phone Company networks. One of the biggest advantages is that a single “SIP” Trunk could carry up to 23 Voice Channels. This was like having 23 phone lines active and available at a single time. In the early 2000’s innovative IT companies started creating basic hosting services that offered the ability to hand out single voice channels for extensions and effectively cut out a lot of phone hardware costs.

This version of VoIP also had some basic features like Hold, Transfer, Voice Mail, and could offer huge price savings, but it still had to register the phone number to a particular IP address

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Evolution and Adaptation

The hosted VoIP 2.0 offers new features that can have provisioning support through the internet that allows a handset to travel from offices, buildings, and even cities. It allows multiple locations to be under a single phone number and every office in in every location to have an extension.

VoIP 2.0 expands to the use of Video Conferencing through VoIP services and with its the advanced features, it allows you and your company to design how you want to communicate and the ability to change, upgrade, and redesign to fit your needs.As society requirements and needs change, VoIP will continue to grow.

Freedom, Flexibility, Affordability, Customization, and Growth

We offer variety of powerful VoIP features like Auto Attendants, Internet Fax, SMS Chat, Transcriptions, Find Me/Follow me Call Flow, Web and Softphones for your computer and mobile, and so much more. Every one of the features are independently customizable, giving you the ability to pick and choose which ones will suit your businesses specific needs without having to pay extra for those you don’t.

As cloud-based service with web portal management our VoIP system can be accessed from anywhere and the only hardware you need are the phones themselves but with the Web and Soft phone features even that is optional.

Whether your needs are for one location, multiple locations or mobile employees, our VoIP is a complete solution.

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Key Features


Allows business texting and chat to happen from either your desktop or mobile phone without mixing your business and personal messages

Find Me/Follow Me

Callers dial one phone number to reach you wherever you are, on any of your devices. Set your phones to ring simultaneously or in sequence

Internet Fax

Reliable Fax-to-Email and Email-to-Fax service to meet all your business needs. Fax from anywhere you have an internet connection, at any time


Your voicemail messages are transformed into readable text so you can quickly scan your messages as they come in. Conveniently read them on your computer or phone

Web/Soft Phone

Increase the reach of your business phone system with a mobile app or a browser-based phone solution using any Mac/PC and a microphone


Our auto-attendants ensure every caller is greeted with the same exact message, with the same level of courtesy and professionalism

Other Features

On Net Canada Wide Long Distance

Multiple Auto Attendants

Voice Mail to Email

Call Recording/Forwarding

Simultaneous Device Ring

Organizational Ring Groups

Softphone for Cell Phones

Conference Calling

Exclusive Music, Ads or Announcements on hold

Do Not Disturb Features on Handsets

Attendant / Reception Web Console

Conference Rooms Calling

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